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Hannitales part 3: enter the cannibal

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So here’s the deal: reblog or send asks with the next two lines of the story, I’ll draw the one I like the most and then we’ll repeat the same thing so on and so forth until no one is sending suggestions anymore.

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So this is a pretty badass set of coasters that my mother made for me using public domain images (with the exception of Will’s clock, which is taken from the show, and the “eat the rude” which I made in Photoshop.)

They were going to be one of a kind, but she’s now going to be selling them on her storenvy!

The set of four (antlers, heart, knives, and eat the rude) is $25, and the additional set of the lure and Will’s clock is $10. They’re heavy, tumbled marble coasters, backed with cork to protect furniture, and clear coated with the same top coat used on cars to protect the image. Check ‘em out!

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The Baltimore Hospital For The Criminally Insane and it’s mindbogglingly massive deterioration in mere months for samiferist

It’s… not, though. Have you seen the exterior of that place? Lemme remind you:


It’s fucking massive. At the time of us seeing Gideon, he had been “exceedingly well behaved” up until, y’know, killing the night nurse. So, presumably, he was given better accommodations because of that. Cushy pillow walls instead of brick, for instance, and a more comfortable bed than a simple cot.

Will, on the other hand, was a recent convict. I figure, too, that his stay wasn’t finalized yet, so therefore, typical jail cell for him.

Gideon being placed next to him was both strategic and petty revenge. The former so Chilton can listen in, and the latter because of fondling Chilton’s guts in a bad way.

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